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About: A PEACE TREATY is an evolving collection aimed at creating ethically-produced,

artisan-level accessories and apparel for the luxury fashion marketplace.

Born in 2008, as a personal pact between Farah Malik,
a Pakistani Muslim, and Dana Arbib, a Libyan Jew, A
PEACE TREATY creates employment for skilled artisans
working in places of socio-political strife, effectively
supporting their technique and craft while elevating their
products to the level of high design for an exclusive and
international audience.

Inspired by the hand-crafting cultures of the Middle East,
Asia, South America and Africa, A PEACE TREATY
was conceived when Arbib and Malik met while living in
Rome. The two discovered that they shared both a love
of high fashion and a desire to increase awareness of
ancient, disappearing crafting traditions. Intermingling
Arbib’s strong background in graphic, textile and
product design with Malik’s history of developing
multimedia marketing campaigns for social justice and
human rights, they set about connecting discerning
fashion connoisseurs with cache, boutique level artifacts
from places typically seen only negatively through the
media lens. Working with craftspeople in seven selected
countries and injecting life and trade back into local
economies, A PEACE TREATY also assists artisans to
compete in the global economy.

Each season, A PEACE TREATY travels to a particular
region and seeks out local village artisans to re-define an
accessory, creating limited edition pieces in style unique
colorways. The 2012 retail season comprises of a jewelry
collection, inspired by ritual emblems and relics from
lost cities and legendary civilizations such as the Aztecs,

Mayans, and the Tribes of the Amazon and Papua New
Guinea. S/S 2012 also features vintage Japanese kimono
and Art Deco inspired scarves.

SOLWARA, the fourth jewelry collection envisions a
shipwrecked castaway’s discovery of indigenous tribes
and ritual emblems. Interweaving rattlesnake tails,
bones, sharks’ teeth, ropes and twine, the collection
references explorers marooned on desolate islands
amidst ancient settings, as well as movies embedded
in our popular imagination like The Blue Lagoon. In a
tribute to the feral elements of nature such as water, sand
and volcanic rock, SOLWARA’s pieces are embellished
with semi-precious gems - Lapis Lazuli, White Agate and
Lava stone. A PEACE TREATY employs desert artisan
families to craft the handcarved, goldplated tribal brass
pieces, using centuries-old sustainable techniques and
recycled materials.

NATSU, takes cues from elaborate handmade techniques
in traditional Japanese textiles such as Shibori, Katazome
and Tsutsugaki dyeing, Katagami stencil printing and
Kasuri Ikat weaving. In collaboration with artisan
groups, A PEACE TREATY recreates these irreplaceable,
one of a kind textile treasures.

Since its inception A PEACE TREATY has designed
exclusive lines for Rugby Ralph Lauren, ShopBop and
Urban Outfitters. Seasonal collections are available at
www.apeacetreaty.com and worldwide at 150 exclusive
retailers such as Liberty and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Ingmar Bergman? 1950’s Swedish love affair? Yes please. We’ve got some serious wanderlust for this black and white Scandinavian haven. Plus, there’s the added bonus of obscure British synth-rock. Put on your high-waisteds and take a look at this iconic cinematic journey.



Join APT as we journey through the alluring world of Bolivian mysticism with the photography of Thomas Rousset and Raphaël Verona. The duo’s Waska Tatay series opens a door into the world of costume-clad witchdoctors and spiritual healers. The pair encountered these folks on a trip to the country’s Altiplanto region, incidentally where APT makes our killer baby alpaca scarves. We love the combination of spirituality and artistry.







We are enchanted by Iranian photographer Shadi Ghadirian’s portrayal of a society caught between old and new. Inspired by traditional portraits taken during the Qajar dynasty, each photo also calls out modern pop culture. Harmony is achieved through dissonance and APT is into it.








Our handspun yarn drying in Bangladeshi fields after being dyed by hand…


Our handspun yarn drying in Bangladeshi fields after being dyed by hand…


Hi babydolls. Do you ever struggle to find ways to wear your silk scarves? It’s ok if you do. We know they can be cumbersome. Luckily, there’s a handy little Style Manual made by Caitlin Koegh with lots of great ideas. Get in on this!










Richard Mosse’s Infra collection offers a mesmerizing glimpse inside the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photographed with Kodak Aerochrome film, a medium that transforms green foliage into vibrant hues of pink, fuchsia, and magenta, the ethereal color palette stands in stark juxtaposition to the subjects of his work: rebel soldiers fighting a war. APT is awestruck.





APT has been thinking about the magnificent Maya all week long. She was the ultimate ladyhero, with a courageous voice and killer moves. Thanks for your wisdom and spirit, Dr. Angelou.


APT has a major crush on Erik Madigan Heck. His fashion photography is on a whole different level than anything we’ve ever seen. His artfully surreal interpretations make us swooooon.


Whelp, spring has finally reared its beautiful, blossoming head and we are swooning over these furry little fellas here at APT Base Camp. They are ridiculously soft and silly. Don’t you just want to play with angora rabbits all day?


Humanizing the standardization of color, Angelica Dass photographs people in front of their skin’s own unique Pantone swatch. The pinks and browns and olives that emerge are, well, just so natural. The yearbook of portraits that results is delightful, reminding us of the harmony found within our differences.

See more here: http://humanae.tumblr.com/


APT loves sourcing natural, primordial stones for our jewelry. Here’s your guide on how to use pieces from our SS14 TAVLA collection not only for self-adornment, but also for healing. Score!


Agate spurs pragmatism and realistic thinking. It helps with self-awareness, acceptance, and confidence, and promotes overcoming of trauma, bitterness, and anger. Agate enhances mental function and clarity. It stimulates the digestive system, heals skin disorders, strengthens cardiac muscles if worn near the heart, and cures fevers if a cold stone is placed on the forehead.

our KARIOKA necklace


Malachite protects by absorbing negative energy. It encourages change, emotional risk-taking (eek!), and paves the way to spiritual growth by moving past old patterns. It helps to overcome shyness, depression, anxiety, and any emotional ish from childhood. It’s great for all ailments female, and is known as the Midwife Stone. It helps with cold sweats, malaria, trembling, Parkinson’s, asthma, and intestinal problems. It enhances the memory, lowers blood pressure, helps joint pain, and strengthens the immune system.

our BANU bangles


Lapis, the stone of truth, stimulates good judgement, wisdom, and intellectual horsepower. It encourages self-awareness, expression, acceptance, and the release of anger. Lapis is beneficial for the throat and vocal chords and helps to regulate the thyroid. It helps regulate the heart and promotes circulation, reduces bruising, and a piece heated in warm water can cure eye infections. It alleviates cramping, inflammation and migraines, and possibly helps ADD, autism, and Asperger’s.

our STARGAZER ring


Tiger’s eye is very protective and lucky. It focuses the mind and encourages objectivity and problem solving. It is balancing and can stabilize mood swings. It helps to dispel fears and anxiety, and makes us more aware of our needs in relation to those of the people around us. It releases toxins, helps repair broken bones, and strengthens the alignment of the spine. 

our NVDA earrings


When gathering inspiration for our FW14 collection, the creative flow led the APT gals to the land of Norse mythology. Nerdy? Yes. Awesome? Also yes. During our research we discovered Eyes as Big as Plates, a character-driven photo collab between Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth revolving around some old school Nordic folklore. It’s so quirky and peaceful and we just love it.


If you’re looking for something sweet and and special to do with your boo this Valentine’s Day, please please please check out Hassan Hajjaj’s solo show at the Taymour Grahne Gallery. His series 'Kesh Angels gives us a glimpse into the world of Moroccan gals of Marrakesh and their motorbike gangs. These women are veiled, powerful, and adorably chic. The show is up until March 2, so get yourself there quick!


Ever wonder where the little darlings around the world rest their heads? Photographer James Mollison has created a series of portraits of children from around the globe next to a shot of his or her bedroom - “bedroom” being loosely defined here. These striking photos are neither sweet nor happy, but they are real and beautiful.

Anonymous - Age 9 // Ivory Coast

Ahkohxet - Age 8 // Amazonia, Brazil

Alex - Age 9 // Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alyssa - Age 8 // Harlan County, USA

Nantio - Age 15 // Lisamis, Northern Kenya

Indira - Age 7 // Kathmandu, Nepal

Jaime - Age 9 // New York, USA

Bilal - Age 6 // Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bank

Li - Age 10 // Beijing, China


Gilded mosaics of aunties and uncles? Beehive hair and flashy jewelry? Yes please! Iranian born artist Soheila Sokhanarvi has created a world filled with magical realism, family nostalgia and political undertones in her tempera painting series. This is sooo our jam.